Hello, and thank you for checking out KB-publishing. KBp is about sharing news, from science and cannabis medical research, to combat sports and history. YES, it is like a media outlet, and it is. KBp is the creation of The Minister (WMStickellOM). He started with the creation of Keneh Bosom Ministers, and then added KPOT “the nations stoner station”, but The Minister wanted it to all fall under a different corporation, why? The biggest reason was to allow for publications of video, whether sharing other creations, or our own, such as “Growing with the Minister”. KBp also will be a site for sharing creative writings, short stories, and graphic novel type of publications. Through KPOT, we also will be sharing new music and music videos from Amazon and YouTube music. KBp will also be offering health products for sale, from supplements for sports training, to CBD products for healthy living. The Minister is an Ordained Minister and offers his services as a wedding officiant in the state of Iowa and Illinois. The Minister is of course, 420 friendly.

For over 5,000 years humans have been recording history in writings or drawings on the subject of Cannabis or Marijuana, or whatever you call it. Whether it be in Holistic healing or religious celebration it is there. Some scientists have made the claim that it could be the first major cash crop in human history. In all that time {I am sure even more that is unrecorded}, no one has recorded a death from the direct effects of Cannabis, even in modern-day it has not happened.

religion or theology has always been one of my favorite studies and hobby if you will. While studying the bible I found myself asking why Cannabis was not mentioned in the scriptures? It is. This is the purpose of this site, along with sharing historical and theoretical thoughts and up to date news as it happens. Information is the key to all truth, lets explore it together.

(this website does not condone the use of illegal drugs or any other illegal act. This site is for entertainment only, other than services offered)

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Watch “U.S. Federal Analysis Shows That #Cannabis Legalization Boosts Home #Property Values” on YouTube

Colorado releases a report showing the impact of recreational Marijuana legalization by Culture Magazine

MIT’s prediction of total world economic collapse is right on track with a reaffirmation of its 1972 findings

 “New research published in the Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology looked back at how things have gone since the initial 1972 report and concluded that we could indeed witness the collapse of civilization as soon as the year 2040. But that’s only if we continue our business-as-usual approach to resource extraction and overexploitation — suggesting that there’s hope for society as long as we can change course.”

“While the study was lambasted at the time, new research shows that its predictions have been eerily accurate so far, Motherboard reports. “

I remember reporting on this subject once before many years ago around 2012 when MIT again ran the data, and came up with the same result, it is a for sure deal. If we continue “business as usual”, then our future generations will come to hate life because of the struggle, it will not be till multiple generations after, that those alive will not remember the transition from the times of abundance. Capitalism is about unsustainable practices all in order to create continued commerce, no matter the damage done geologically, atmospherically, ecologically or any other product that is finite. Our economic system is nothing but to fill up landfills, and empty minds. guilt should be felt by all who continue to proceed as usual, including myself. I agree to change my purchasing habits, which includes petroleum use, electrical use, plastic stored consumables, and whatever else I can do to help, maybe it wont save the planet, but then I can say I learned my lesson the hard way, and so did our planet, but maybe these practices will be seen by our descendants and remembered in the transition coming, or shall I say already taking place.


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Schumer and Dems are getting closer to #federal #cannabis #legalization

“America will soon be flanked by federally legal weed to the north (Canada) and the south (Mexico). And with thirty-six (36) states that currently allow medical or both medical and adult-use (recreational), many feel the tipping point has already passed” marijuanadoctors.com

This should not of even been an issue, but it seems that a all white government used racism to help a faction of lumber giants to try and cancel marijuana, from history even, after “tricky dicky” President Richard Nixon started his “war on drugs”, using weed as his gateway to other drugs, all the while hiding scientific findings of studies he commissioned that marijuana helped with seizures. All that because marijuana was a threat to the lumber industry. No this should of never been! I remember it being so very difficult to find science behind marijuana when I was young, thanks to #HighTimes and our first amendment rights, let’s pass this so we can have that oh so healing herb that YAH has created.


Sha’ Carri Richardson an Olympian but then she tested positive for #THC and it could be all over with for her…

As a regular reader of kb-publishing.com you would know that we are pro #Cannabis for medical and spiritual practices. Sha’ Carri Richardson is a runner. She is currently the fastest woman in America and maybe even the world. In this video you will see her trial race for the Olympics in the 100 meter dash. After the race, after her complete dominance of those racing against her, it was announced that she tested positive for #THC, this will wipe out her race results and ban her for a month, she might not make the Olympics now. https://youtu.be/W5jWmeCZzp4 kb-publishing has posted numerous scientific findings on the subject of cannabis along with THC and other cannabidiols. Also this publication has shared the historical insight on cannabis by sharing credible historical and religious facts. Sha’ Carri lives in a state where marijuana is medically legal. She began using cannabis to deal with Traumatic stress. The Olympic committee continues to unjustly put marijuana in its banned substances category, even though the United Nations even recognizes Medical Marijuana, along with over 30 states in America. LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!! LET SHA’ CARRI IN THE REMAING TRIALS AND OLYMPICS AND STOP USING MARIJUANA AS A BANNED SUBSTANCES! Sign the petition


Image of Sha” Carri Richardson is from AXIOS


Measure Moves Through U.S. House & Senate That Would Change the Way Government Researches Cannabis #YouTube

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