Hello, and thank you for checking out KB-publishing. KBp is about sharing news, from science and cannabis medical research, to combat sports and history. YES, it is like a media outlet, and it is. KBp is the creation of The Minister (WMStickellOM). He started with the creation of Keneh Bosom Ministers, and then added KPOT “the nations stoner station”, but The Minister wanted it to all fall under a different corporation, why? The biggest reason was to allow for publications of video, whether sharing other creations, or our own, such as “Growing with the Minister”. KBp also will be a site for sharing creative writings, short stories, and graphic novel type of publications. Through KPOT, we also will be sharing new music and music videos from Amazon and YouTube music. KBp will also be offering health products for sale, from supplements for sports training, to CBD products for healthy living. The Minister is an Ordained Minister and offers his services as a wedding officiant in the state of Iowa and Illinois. The Minister is of course, 420 friendly.

For over 5,000 years humans have been recording history in writings or drawings on the subject of Cannabis or Marijuana, or whatever you call it. Whether it be in Holistic healing or religious celebration it is there. Some scientists have made the claim that it could be the first major cash crop in human history. In all that time {I am sure even more that is unrecorded}, no one has recorded a death from the direct effects of Cannabis, even in modern-day it has not happened.

religion or theology has always been one of my favorite studies and hobby if you will. While studying the bible I found myself asking why Cannabis was not mentioned in the scriptures? It is. This is the purpose of this site, along with sharing historical and theoretical thoughts and up to date news as it happens. Information is the key to all truth, lets explore it together.

(this website does not condone the use of illegal drugs or any other illegal act. This site is for entertainment only, other than services offered)

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Growing with the Minister: Interview with Dopey on #Addiction and #Recovery among other topics


Shaq! taken off of NBA hall of fame?

Time magazine reports that #BigPharma had something to do with this. It seems all because of Shaquille O’Neal a long time NBA star for several teams including the L.A. Lakers, has a business venture in #CBD. That’s correct, and if you do not believe #BigPharma has a financial, political, and even more of a hold on America, than your definitely mistaken.



The feelings of Fall

Living in a location that experiences all four seasons, I have found that I, like many others have found a favorite season. I cannot always explain exactly what it is about the season some refer to as Autumn, but for me it is everything but Fall. The perfect temperature. The mornings are cool and crisp, the day still gets warm enough to break a sweat, and the nights become a chill perfect for sleeping. The colors and smells of the local foliage, causes me to become nostalgic, and lament on television programs from my childhood. The Peanuts is the first one that is recalled, The Great Pumpkin! Images of Halloween with children downing a costume all for that one night of the year they can go from house to house to receive their treat. The once full of corn, fields are now golden with the left over remains of the yield that has been harvested. The daylight becomes shorter and nights longer, then the sky becomes gray and cloudy, and the cold rains begin. The kind of rain that deserves a Hot Chocolate with marshmallows. For me Fall brings emotions of happiness and joy, a time of gathering and reaping what we have sown. It is a time of great food; made from the harvest of the provisions that we have toiled for. Yes, The feelings of Fall.

CBGA referred to by High Times as the “Mother of all Cannabinoids

Its amazing how much more we are learning about now that there is a little more room to conduct medical scientific research on cannabis. This article is a must read. Again High Times magazine is reporting on cannabis, marijuana, hemp, weed and or what ever you might refer to as. So it seems some scientist in Australia have discovered what is being referred to as “The mother of all cannabinoids” (High times, 2021). This new compound is to be more effective than CBD and THC at stopping certain seizures.

” The three acidic cannabinoids—CBGA, cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA) and cannabigerovarinic acid (CBGVA)—”may contribute to the effects of cannabis-based products in childhood epilepsy,” and were noted with “anticonvulsant potential.” CBGA, however, demonstrated the most potential for certain anticonvulsant effects.” (High Times, 2021).

Take a look at the article yourself. Click on the link

“A newly created hydrogel tablet could potentially mitigate global water scarcity by rapidly purifying contaminated water. The hydrogel tablet, which acts as a water purifier, can disinfect a liter of river water and make it suitable for drinking in an hour or less.” (Tech Explorist, 2021)

“The special hydrogels generate hydrogen peroxide to neutralize bacteria with 99.999% efficiency. Along with activated carbon particles, the hydrogen peroxide attack essential cell components of bacteria and disrupt their metabolism.”


Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

In the world we live in there are 3 major religions that account for nearly 3 billion people of the 7 billion that inhabit this planet. All 3 of these religions are in part responsible for countless wars and militias conflicts killing millions throughout a span of less than 2 thousand years. All 3 three of these religions extend from the same, so-called loving God. The same God that had his own son killed to supposedly forgive all for them being human.  Now only one of those religions believe in that son anyway, even though he is from the same God. A God full of love and kindness, along with forgiveness, unless you disobey him, then he annihilates the entire planet. Yeah, in fact he has done it once before according to the Bible, ad is going to do it again, according to the same book. Where does all this non-sense come from? Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

    Today the average person seems to only be here to create waste, and do others work so that a few can have more than the most. Yes, you are only here to work and consume, then you die. Of course, you can breed to make others just like you, so they can also create waste and be enslaved for someone else’s wealth. The question is where did this pattern of hierarchy come from? Is this something learned from trial and error or is it something that was left as an example, just as our parents portray actions of their own to be as examples for their children.

   The Bible is what many use in the western world to reference to history that far back. The average person at least will use the Bible, educated individuals know that there were other cultures and societies that were also writing their interpretation of what was happening, and with detail. The ancient Egyptians of course, but even before them, was the Sumerians. A lot of mystery behind the society with the oldest known writings and alphabet that scientist have found to date. Their story of creation is somewhat different than the Bible, and yet with many similarities. The big difference is that instead of one God, it was a group of beings not from this planet, and they came here hundred of thousands of years ago to terraform the planet to extract resources. The planet was covered in water, and the Aliens used their advanced technology to move away water to expose land. When the time came to do manual labor, the aliens did not want to do their own work, so created a race of biological beings, part natural from this planet and part of these aliens. At first the beings created could not reproduce, but this meant the aliens had to continuously create workers, so they manipulated the current workers DNA and then cloned a female version so then the workers could reproduce, again alleviating the lazy aliens of another task. One of the Gods, or group of aliens, thought that the worker race deserved to be able to be enlightened and flourish just as they themselves have. Some of these aliens did not want the workers to be of a higher consciousness, they wanted them to maintain a more animal like life. These aliens are also responsible for many of the so-called natural disasters that have helped wipe out humankind, along with animals and plants several different times through out history.

    The Anunnaki. This is the name the Sumerians used for the Gods. They supposedly hailed from a planet that is a part of our solar system. Our solar system has another sun, a dark sun, and this planet’s orbit is at such a degree that a so many thousands of years it dips into our planets orbit around our sun. This has become a prominent theory, the dual sun solar system, and the crazy thing is the Sumerians were writing about it 5000 years ago. Not only that these writings are set on clay tablets and etched into stone, something also that cannot be tampered with. Unlike the Bible which has been translated several times and rewritten along with being manipulated to be as a psychological control method, more than it is a message of love and hope. Are these beings the God of the Bible? Are they the ones who created mankind as we know it? The Anunnaki would in later periods, pick certain humans to be rulers over the rest. Appointing kings and such over the other humans, as to take their place while away. If any of this is to be taken as truth, then one must know, that according to the Sumerian codex and other cuneiform, the planet these beings are from is supposed to be making its round. Here is an article maybe you should check this out…


  This is an article and picture from Physics.org on a planet lurking just behind Neptune.

   With the hierarchy thumbprint along with how easy it is for most humans to be so conformed to the fact of being a slave for no good reason other than to make others lives more abundant and healthier and happier, all in the while killing ourselves and the planet with the whole idea of this horribly wicked and sick society that has been created. So the question remains, Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

A comet the size of a small planet! is headed for us! Who can hide from that?

“After 3.5 million-year hiatus, the largest comet ever discovered is headed our way” Is the title to the Space.com’s article posted about 10 hrs ago. “The comet, known as the Bernardinelli-Bernstein comet (or C/2014 UN271, in astro-speak), is at least 62 miles (100 kilometers) across — about 1,000 times more massive than a typical comet. It’s so large that astronomers previously mistook it for a dwarf planet, according to a statement announcing the comet’s discovery in June 2021.”

click link below to read full story.


Why I use #cbdMD

Greetings and welcome to kp-publishing.com. My name is William. I struggle with several inflammatory diseases, that effect all my weight bearing joints, so its accurate to say I know about joint pain. For years I have had to take steroids like prednisone and other anti-inflammatory medication. This medicine seemed to have more side-effects and problems than the disease itself.

One day I tried CBD, and compound found in Hemp, and it worked! I used it for those everyday pains and discomforts from not only my illness, also just helped with the just because im old stuff too. I then tried cbdMD!!! A product I found superior than the rest. Not only in supplemental pill form, but also the gummies and mostly though the topicals. Yes I found relief from these product that cbdMd has. So please, if you havent tried cbdMD, or if you have experience with CBD and want to try a superior product that is even promoted by Bellatore MMA and fighters who have injuries on the constant, than just click on the link below.


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