Hello, and thank you for checking out KB-publishing. KBp is about sharing news, from science and cannabis medical research, to combat sports and history. YES, it is like a media outlet, and it is. KBp is the creation of The Minister (WMStickellOM). He started with the creation of Keneh Bosom Ministers, and then added KPOT “the nations stoner station”, but The Minister wanted it to all fall under a different corporation, why? The biggest reason was to allow for publications of video, whether sharing other creations, or our own, such as “Growing with the Minister”. KBp also will be a site for sharing creative writings, short stories, and graphic novel type of publications. Through KPOT, we also will be sharing new music and music videos from Amazon and YouTube music. KBp will also be offering health products for sale, from supplements for sports training, to CBD products for healthy living. The Minister is an Ordained Minister and offers his services as a wedding officiant in the state of Iowa and Illinois. The Minister is of course, 420 friendly.

For over 5,000 years humans have been recording history in writings or drawings on the subject of Cannabis or Marijuana, or whatever you call it. Whether it be in Holistic healing or religious celebration it is there. Some scientists have made the claim that it could be the first major cash crop in human history. In all that time {I am sure even more that is unrecorded}, no one has recorded a death from the direct effects of Cannabis, even in modern-day it has not happened.

religion or theology has always been one of my favorite studies and hobby if you will. While studying the bible I found myself asking why Cannabis was not mentioned in the scriptures? It is. This is the purpose of this site, along with sharing historical and theoretical thoughts and up to date news as it happens. Information is the key to all truth, lets explore it together.

(this website does not condone the use of illegal drugs or any other illegal act. This site is for entertainment only, other than services offered)

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“A new simulation of the universe is a map and a time machine rolled up into one” #LiveScience

Called Uchuu, which is Japanese for “Outer Space,” the map doesn’t include Casseipoia or the moons of Neptune; instead, it’s a map of large-scale galaxies and galaxy clusters, all glued together by an invisible web of dark matter, which emits no electromagnetic radiation but still exerts a gravitational force upon the universe. 


These images show the dark matter halo of the largest galaxy cluster formed in the universe simulation at different magnifications. (Image credit: Tomoaki Ishiyama)

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