The man helping divide the world with lies

America systematically ripped down the middle by a mad man, broke and desperate. In this episode of Growing with the Minister I discuss what Trump the Republicans and Democrats have done to this country Please watch.

Trump says he is likely to support ending federal ban on marijuana #latimes

Trump signs executive order forbidding any American to buy Venezuela cryptocurrency…

This seems to be another attempt by the American regime to grab a hold of the world’s largest oil Reserve which unfortunately lies underneath Venezuela if it isn’t clear that these actions are not to help the Venezuelans but to help the American government, then one must be blind and deaf.

Why the crack down on #MS13 gang by #Trump

Trump often blames Obama-era immigration policies for the rise in MS-13, but the gang’s origins are believed to date back to Los Angeles in the 1980s, where thousands of Salvadoran immigrants landed after fleeing their country’s civil war, according to Héctor Silva Ávalos, a research fellow at the Center for Latin American and Latino StudiesContinue reading “Why the crack down on #MS13 gang by #Trump”

Watch “CNN anchor, GOP congressman debate FBI texts” on YouTube

this is a very good conversation if you get to watch it please pay attention to a lot of what is said, I really believe that both sides made some very good points but the CNN reporter does bring up some great questions my biggest thing is CNN denying a secret society or maybe notContinue reading “Watch “CNN anchor, GOP congressman debate FBI texts” on YouTube”

As No One Watched, Trump Pardoned 5 Corrupt Banks… Which He Owes Millions To – AnonBay