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Watch “Unemployed Americans Prepare for Inevitable as Evictions Loom” on YouTube

The United states is facing a devastating crisis!! 30 to 40 million evictions within the next 2 months. This will not only leave many homeless, and leave many homeowner landlords without renters, which in turn will cause, maybe the biggest housing crisis ever experienced in America. All this is coming to a head, with theContinue reading “Watch “Unemployed Americans Prepare for Inevitable as Evictions Loom” on YouTube”

CBD is still illegal in some states?

Here in the United States, the fight for Marijuana legalization in still in the trenches being fought tooth and nail. Even though such a enormous percentage of Americans support legalization of cannabis, in fact a whopping 91% of Americans believe it should https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/11/14/americans-support-marijuana-legalization/ . CBD is actually what is known as Cannabidiol, which is aContinue reading “CBD is still illegal in some states?”

Facebook monitoring non violent protest comments….can you say tyranny?!

As of today January 6th 2018 Facebook has locked me out of my account which includes messenger I do have to let you know that I do not actually have the Facebook app downloaded I go through a browser but what Facebook has stated is that I have posted some type of spam maybe IContinue reading “Facebook monitoring non violent protest comments….can you say tyranny?!”

The real decline of mental health…IS THE ECONOMY????

” It is well known that mental health problems are related to deprivation, poverty, inequality and other social and economic determinants of health. Economic crises are therefore times of high risk to the mental well-being of the population and of the people affected and their families. ” Here in America our Medical system likes toContinue reading “The real decline of mental health…IS THE ECONOMY????”

Is the 2016 Presidential race gone to #POT

Marijuana and the boom in legalization, either for recreational or Medical, has been, and is a major political battle with in most all states, and now at the Federal level. Yes America has gone to pot. All pun intended. The biggest and most profound point that this article, is to point out, is that theContinue reading “Is the 2016 Presidential race gone to #POT”