If God created the Universe, Who created Him?

Being a Theologist or someone who has made a life of studying Religions. I find myself learning as much as I can. Judaism is one of my favorites and probably the most studied, since the Old testament is of Judaic history and I have studied the Bible and many different sects of its followers. IContinue reading “If God created the Universe, Who created Him?”

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Meet Michael Franzese: ex-Made Man in the Mob with a story to tell and message to get across

I first came across a video of Michael Franzese on a Hot Boxing with Mike Tyson of YouTube. As of lately I have been watching vlogs of a few of these ex-mob members coming out with their own take on things that had happened. Michael has a faith based message and seems according to hisContinue reading “Meet Michael Franzese: ex-Made Man in the Mob with a story to tell and message to get across”

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