Growing with the Minister

Having an indoor closet grow, another thing you can be faced with, is light timing. For many crop producing plants, you must control the time of light provided. If you are on top of your game, and don’t go any where during the day, then you got this, but if you have a job, andContinue reading “Growing with the Minister”

Growing with the Minister

Being that the season for planting is just around the corner, starting your seeds before outdoor planting is imperative. The point is to simulate a natural ecosystem with everything that is needed to start your seeds and then into sprout and then vegetation. Super Sprouter Deluxe Propagation Kit w/ 7″ Dome & T5 Light, isContinue reading “Growing with the Minister”

Growing with the Minister

With outdoor growing just around the corner, its perfect time to start prepping. For nutrients, I recommend Emerald Harvest Professional 2-part nutrient series. This is everything you need for a quality and quantity harvest, from start to finish, all in one box, a great deal also, lower than what I paid for mine, and deliveredContinue reading “Growing with the Minister”

Growing with The Minister

Choosing your lights for an indoor garden Living in the Rockies at an altitude of 7500 ft, you really don’t have a great deal of outdoor growing season to live sustainable. In all truth it can be a lot of work just trying to get to the point of living sustainable, along with a lotContinue reading “Growing with The Minister”

Ohuhu 48″x24″x60″ Plant Grow Tent, Mylar Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent for Indoor Gardening, Black