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Poor Kids

Being poor in America, is different then being impoverished in a third world country. The biggest difference is that in America the government has the ability to change that, but choose not to, instead they choose to have the greatest military, and like other countries the government must make sure they get paid more thanContinue reading “Poor Kids”

The man helping divide the world with lies

America systematically ripped down the middle by a mad man, broke and desperate. In this episode of Growing with the Minister I discuss what Trump the Republicans and Democrats have done to this country Please watch.

A capture of innocents turns to riots

The so called “freeist country in the world” is everything but to those of color. The enslavement of Africans for the new found world, extended into hundreds of years. The descendants of these poor souls, are still angry at the very near past incidents of in humane acts. Though slavery was of supposed to endContinue reading “A capture of innocents turns to riots”