My Web design class




Today is a great experience in school. Class is about Use of content Management Systems. I am not very experienced at designing my own website, but our instructor is very good at explaining how this all works. I need to write this blog for class assignment, and it has to be 250 words, I think I am going to have to come up with some content to get it to that many words. I have to make this whole thing pays off, I need to have my game face on and my mind focused on the prize. It’s not easy re-inventing yourself, but I have this drive I’ve never experienced before, and I will hang it like a nose piece so I never take my eye off it.  I need more listeners on my radio show,#TheJackHammer on #Geekstreetsociety, you can catch it on #tunein or #Spreaker. I hope you all will share this blog and let others know and share.


Whats up Wrestling fans???? whats the news? well if you dont now whats going on in the ‪#‎WWE‬ or other wrestling, check out ‪#‎TheJackhammer‬tonight @ 5:30 pm MST on ‪#‎GSS‬ ‪#‎internetradio‬!!!! we are going to be talking about ‪#‎RAW‬ ‪#‎SmackDown‬ and ‪#‎Battleground4014‬…So check us out on ‪#‎Spreaker‬ and ‪#‎Tunein‬!!!!!! Also we have a new host!!!! and we are also going to be talking about the new #WWE wrestler from ‪#‎Japan‬!!!! Cant wait!!!! YES, YES, YES ‪#‎KGSS‬!!!

A change in plans????

I’m kicking around the idea of switching up schools. i currently attend a broadcasting/Media school, but it is not geared for the artistic side of film making, only tech., which is totally cool, but I live by my artsy person, especially humor. I also want to be involved with films on Medical Marijuana and cannabis, but the school is indirectly governed by the FCC. I am kicking it around, but think ultimately I will change over. Look out, this could be real good!!!!

The Critics!!!!

Who are these judge’s? Who are over critical of every movement and motion. Of what ancestry do you derive from? Is it human? We are diverted from the shortest distance between two points, which is a straight line. then why the diversion? Why make a point C if it is not needed?  Who gave them owner ship? Why do we continue to allow them to claim what is all of ours and should have access to all water and food produced from the same planet that they come from….supposedly. The Monkey is hungry, the monkey climbs a tree to retrieve his food. the monkey does not go to another part of the jungle, do work for another monkey, to get some peaces of paper, to go back to his part of the jungle, so he can give his paper to another monkey in exchange for some food, and a place to live…..all in the meanwhile destroying the ecosystem he lives in by burning fossil fuels and creating un-fathomable amount of waste…..OK we are not monkeys, I know…..but we are suppose to be of higher intelligence. So the next time someone criticizes your work or creativity, Just remember how easy a monkeys life is. Being critical of each other is evidence of tyranny, and the decay of the people being exploited.  

Why I am going to school….

I went to a media broadcasting school to promote myself, for my own business, not for a FCC controlled Media snob of a business. I am a Ordained Minister, and want to do voice over work, as a freelance agent. I understand that this school has to abide by crediting outlines, but to be graded on just that aspect, is not really what i am looking for. If you step outside the box they built, you are graded on only the aspect of getting a job with someone else. Good for the box thinkers, but not the artistic, outside the box thinkers.

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