Schumer and Dems are getting closer to #federal #cannabis #legalization

“America will soon be flanked by federally legal weed to the north (Canada) and the south (Mexico). And with thirty-six (36) states that currently allow medical or both medical and adult-use (recreational), many feel the tipping point has already passed” This should not of even been an issue, but it seems that a allContinue reading “Schumer and Dems are getting closer to #federal #cannabis #legalization”

Could these people be descendants of Jesus? Must watch video!!! #YouTube #video #religion #Jesus

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Check this very compelling Documentary on Creation… #YouTube #IsGenesisHistory

This video easily explains geology using the Bibles stories of creation and the Flood. Understandable and scientific proofing the Torah’s story of Creation according to God. This is a must watch for those who study science and use science to try to prove the Bible incorrect.

“DEA Will Begin Granting Marijuana Cultivation Licenses” #HighTimes

According to High Times magazine who recorded the announcement from the DEA we will finally see some science behind Cannabis with the ability to legally grow with permission from the Federal Agency. The thing that strikes me on this whole ordeal is that you wonder how much studying the DEA did on Opioid based drugsContinue reading ““DEA Will Begin Granting Marijuana Cultivation Licenses” #HighTimes”

Is Christianity true worship?

I currently attend a Christian College and I knew before I began that I was going to have trouble with some of the courses, well because I am not a Christian and I know the Bible. The Christian religion has been around since the time just after Christ when it was first used in theContinue reading “Is Christianity true worship?”

Christianity and the practice of Sacrament; is it commanded by Christ? #Christianity #Jesus #Judaism #Bible #Easter #Passover #Torah

During this time of year we find a majority of our neighbors celebrating their specific religious holiday. Whether it be Jewish or Christianity. For the Jewish community it is the Passover, for the Christians it is Easter or the remembering of the Messiahs crucifixion and resurrection. Though Christians have tried to separate themselves from Judaism,Continue reading “Christianity and the practice of Sacrament; is it commanded by Christ? #Christianity #Jesus #Judaism #Bible #Easter #Passover #Torah”

History of Marijuana: An All-Encompassing Journey Through The AgesBY¬†MARCO MEDIC,¬†August 30, 2017Last updated: February 3, 2020