“A newly created hydrogel tablet could potentially mitigate global water scarcity by rapidly purifying contaminated water. The hydrogel tablet, which acts as a water purifier, can disinfect a liter of river water and make it suitable for drinking in an hour or less.” (Tech Explorist, 2021)

“The special hydrogels generate hydrogen peroxide to neutralize bacteria with 99.999% efficiency. Along with activated carbon particles, the hydrogen peroxide attack essential cell components of bacteria and disrupt their metabolism.” https://www.techexplorist.com/newly-created-hydrogel-tablet-rapidly-purify-contaminated-water/41616/

Check this very compelling Documentary on Creation… #YouTube #IsGenesisHistory

This video easily explains geology using the Bibles stories of creation and the Flood. Understandable and scientific proofing the Torah’s story of Creation according to God. This is a must watch for those who study science and use science to try to prove the Bible incorrect.

CBD!! seems all the craze but are we overlooking THC?

Ever since Marijuana became legal for medical purposes in California in 1997, we as a nation started looking at cannabis in a different light, and though it seems forever from that point till present we have come a long way from being brainwashed by our government about the effects of the properties of the HempContinue reading “CBD!! seems all the craze but are we overlooking THC?”

#CBG the cannabinoid you might never heard of… #cannabis #CBD #medical

Is it of any wonder that this plant was one of the ingredients in the Holy Anointing oil that the Hebrew God of the Old Testament gave direction to Moses to have his people create and use. (Holy Bible, NIV, 2011). As medical science brings forth continued promising findings in regard to Cannabis and itsContinue reading “#CBG the cannabinoid you might never heard of… #cannabis #CBD #medical”

“Somebody’s gotta say it to you!” ” you’re apart of a heartless shitty machine that makes money” #JoeRogan #YouTube #Motivational

INDOOR GARDENING; Is it easy? Should I invest into indoor gardening? #YouTube #Indoorgardening #DIY

Going to the grocery store can be a hassle and expensive! With the way the economy is going, it sure would be easier and cheaper to grow my own food. Lets be reasonable; first not everyone has the space and material to grow enough food especially indoor. It is possible to at least grow enoughContinue reading “INDOOR GARDENING; Is it easy? Should I invest into indoor gardening? #YouTube #Indoorgardening #DIY”

History of Marijuana: An All-Encompassing Journey Through The AgesBY MARCO MEDIC, August 30, 2017Last updated: February 3, 2020


Cannabis Health insider asks the question; Cannabis legalization by lawmakers-a good or bad decision?