Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

In the world we live in there are 3 major religions that account for nearly 3 billion people of the 7 billion that inhabit this planet. All 3 of these religions are in part responsible for countless wars and militias conflicts killing millions throughout a span of less than 2 thousand years. All 3 threeContinue reading “Are we being controlled by unseen entities?”

‘Giant arc’ stretching 3.3 billion light-years across the cosmos shouldn’t exist

By Adam Mann – Live Science Contributor 4 days ago Did anyone else catch this news? It is 4 days old so maybe some of you might have caught it. It struck me, because I was trying to contemplate the size of this arrangement. It is un-imaginable. Click link to read full story “The epic arrangement, called the GiantContinue reading “‘Giant arc’ stretching 3.3 billion light-years across the cosmos shouldn’t exist”

“It turns out that what goes up needn’t come back down. “

According to scientist interviewed reported be Link below for full article “Physicists have achieved a phenomenon known as subradiance, in which atoms linger in an excited state, in a dense cloud of atoms for the first time.  Harnessing subradiance could allow scientists to create reliable, long-lived quantum networks from clouds of atoms, the physicists reported inContinue reading ““It turns out that what goes up needn’t come back down. “”

“A hole spontaneously forms in space and rapidly expands to infinity, pushing to infinity anything it may meet,” Witten wrote in his paper.

This theory, if factual, scientifically, then hold on to your pants View this post on Instagram never apologize for being yourself . . . credit to: @thoughtcatalog #bonnetttalks #mentalhealthawareness #love #growth #healing #strength #selflove #selfcare A post shared by chelsey (@t.uffluh.v) on Mar 15, 2020 at 10:35am PDT

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