Could these people be descendants of Jesus? Must watch video!!! #YouTube #video #religion #Jesus

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Check this very compelling Documentary on Creation… #YouTube #IsGenesisHistory

This video easily explains geology using the Bibles stories of creation and the Flood. Understandable and scientific proofing the Torah’s story of Creation according to God. This is a must watch for those who study science and use science to try to prove the Bible incorrect.

Is Christianity true worship?

I currently attend a Christian College and I knew before I began that I was going to have trouble with some of the courses, well because I am not a Christian and I know the Bible. The Christian religion has been around since the time just after Christ when it was first used in theContinue reading “Is Christianity true worship?”

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1,500-year-old ‘Christ, born of Mary’ inscription discovered in Israel

By Laura Geggel – Associate Editor a day ago

YHWH or Yahwehism where did it start?, and no it didn’t start with just the Israelites..