Russell Brand on The Media and the China Cold

“Journalists have banded together to object to “censorship” and “fearmongering” about Covid-19 that they say has been put out by the media and tech giants since the pandemic began. #censorship#misinformation#disinformation#covid Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here and get weekly bulletins tooContinue reading “Russell Brand on The Media and the China Cold”

MIT’s prediction of total world economic collapse is right on track with a reaffirmation of its 1972 findings

 “New research published in the Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology looked back at how things have gone since the initial 1972 report and concluded that we could indeed witness the collapse of civilization as soon as the year 2040. But that’s only if we continue our business-as-usual approach to resource extraction and overexploitation — suggesting that there’s hope for society asContinue reading “MIT’s prediction of total world economic collapse is right on track with a reaffirmation of its 1972 findings”

Check this very compelling Documentary on Creation… #YouTube #IsGenesisHistory

This video easily explains geology using the Bibles stories of creation and the Flood. Understandable and scientific proofing the Torah’s story of Creation according to God. This is a must watch for those who study science and use science to try to prove the Bible incorrect.


#KPOT vlog video and music sharing along with news Check out our new video from KPOT and Growing with the Minister

Homeless numbers on the rise across Europe because of the Corona virus

#coronavirus #CVOID19 is taking it’s toll

Several countries around the world are taking measures to de-escalate the spread of the virus. America has halted trading as the DOW dropped by 7% within a couple hours

Insects are dying at record rates — a sign of a 6th mass extinction – Business Insider

Global warming may be twice what climate models predict Past warming events suggest climate models fail to capture true warming under business-as-usual scenarios Date: July 5, 2018 Source: University of New South Wales