Watch “2Pac – Changes (Official Music Video) ft. Talent” on YouTube Is it of no wonder that 30 years later these words of 2pac still ring true and accurate. Today not only are we witnessing the violence of other countries such as Israel and Palestine, But right here in the so called freest country in the world. I pray for those to see the devastationContinue reading “Watch “2Pac – Changes (Official Music Video) ft. Talent” on YouTube”

MIT Scientists Spin Some Music Out of Spider Webs – And it Sounds Otherworldly (Listen)

By Good News Network -Apr 13, 2021

Pope Francis: Moral theology must concern reality and people, not just principles by Gerald O’connell #AmericanMagazine #Pope #Christ #God #LGQBT

U.S. freezes arms sale to Saudi Arabia

About Human Trafficking