Shaq! taken off of NBA hall of fame?

Time magazine reports that #BigPharma had something to do with this. It seems all because of Shaquille O’Neal a long time NBA star for several teams including the L.A. Lakers, has a business venture in #CBD. That’s correct, and if you do not believe #BigPharma has a financial, political, and even more of a hold onContinue reading “Shaq! taken off of NBA hall of fame?”

America is heading for severe economic hardship

Navient is no longer going to service student loans for college students as reported by Yahoo news. While economic sector is crying out that because of shipping and COVID the cost of living in America will continue to rise, its called inflation… read both articles and start preparing yourselves!

Todays Foster care is yesterday’s Native American religious indoctrination

“one of the major findings of the truth 07:42 and reconciliation commission 07:44 that indigenous kids continue to be 07:46 taken away from their parents 07:48 but now through the foster care system 07:51 today indigenous children make up more 07:53 than half of those in foster care 07:55 despite being just eight percent ofContinue reading “Todays Foster care is yesterday’s Native American religious indoctrination”

Russell Brand on The Media and the China Cold

“Journalists have banded together to object to “censorship” and “fearmongering” about Covid-19 that they say has been put out by the media and tech giants since the pandemic began. #censorship#misinformation#disinformation#covid Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here and get weekly bulletins tooContinue reading “Russell Brand on The Media and the China Cold”