Has the real Jesus been found?

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3204621/worlds-only-portrait-of-jesus-made-during-his-lifetime-may-have-been-found-on-an-ancient-coin-showing-a-bearded-man-with-a-crown-of-thorns/ Ralph Ellis has wrote several books on and around Jesus Christ from the Bible. Who he is, why you cannot find any of these characters within history itself, other than the Bible. What he has presented is so reasonable and accurate on who this character, Jesus and those involved in the story of theContinue reading “Has the real Jesus been found?”

Watch “Sammy Saturday Hagar” on YouTube

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPP_Vw36PaqY2C0fFEyiMUL-vr2eAafVq&feature=share It’s a steamy summer Saturday night, and we thought who better to rock out to, then no other than the #redrocker Sammy Hagar himself. I got to see Sammy live, 1985, during his album tour of VOA voice of America. He fucking ROCKED! If I remember correctly, Krokus opened for him…maybe not, lots ofContinue reading “Watch “Sammy Saturday Hagar” on YouTube”