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Can Americans trust their criminal Judicial system?

On November 19, 2021 Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges. Kyle Rittenhouse, at the time of the alleged crime he was a 17-year-old boy from Illinois, which is the State just south of Wisconsin, where the alleged crime took place. On a night in 2020 Kyle decided to go to Kenosha Wisconsin where there were protest’s and criminal property destruction happening, which included fire’s being set and damage to business’s in the city. Kyle thought it to be helpful if he took a loaded rifle north to Kenosha to help protect property. Kyle ended shooting 3 people in which 2 died. The first person shot by Rittenhouse died from a gun shot wound to the back, and was shot several times, he had no weapon. For this writer, it seemed as all involved in the legal end of this case, including the prosecuting attorney knew prior to the jury’s deliberation that Kyle was going to be acquitted, this would also explain why the judge overseeing the case for the State of Wisconsin dismissed the charge of possession of the firearm of a underage person, because it was the only one that would be actually chargeable if the others were to be dismissed. The prosecutor made blatant mistakes as to on purposely have the case dismissed on grounds of mis-trial. The state of Wisconsin has a habit of convicting innocent people as depicted in the documentary on Netflix, ” The making of a Murderer”, where an innocent man continues to sit in prison even though evidence has been presented to not only overturn his conviction, but show he had been framed by the local police department. Here the state of Wisconsin makes it so a young man who is guilty of killing an un-armed man, whether the jury who had limitation to work with found him guilty or not, and set free. Kyle Rittenhouse showed up with a gun, that says he was ready to shoot someone, and he did, 3 people. If a person show’s up to a gathering wearing boxing gloves and a mouth piece, that would denote that that person wants to box someone. What if Kyle Rittenhouse showed up with a camera to film and take pictures of those causing the destruction and damage?

This article show’s the Pathologist’s testimony in the case of Wisconsin v. Kyle Rittenhouse. (click link below). The man was shot in the back at less than 3 away.


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Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people.
The first served 14 years in prison for raping a child and then for dozens of in-prison disciplinary violations. He was a registered sex offender and was found guilty of assault, arson and narcotics crimes. He was wanted at the time of the shooting for bail-jumping and domestic abuse, and had been released from a hospital for a suicide attempt a few hours before the shooting. He was chasing Rittenhouse when Rittenhouse turned around and shot him.

The second had been convicted of domestic abuse and served time in 2012 for choking his brother. He was swinging his skateboard at Rittenhouse, avidly, at the time Rittenhouse shot him.

The third, who survived, was armed with a handgun for which he had a concealed weapons permit – which was expired. He testified and the video shows that he pointed the gun at Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse shot him.


that is great for the court of law and a jury to determine not Kyle, and they would of had the right to a Judge and jury just like he did. Not one of those crimes is a death penalty, so how do you justify those people having their rights taking away? you can! He murdered someone because he is a pussy and couldnt fight, and no one would of started anything with him if he didnt have a gun.


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