Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

In the world we live in there are 3 major religions that account for nearly 3 billion people of the 7 billion that inhabit this planet. All 3 of these religions are in part responsible for countless wars and militias conflicts killing millions throughout a span of less than 2 thousand years. All 3 three of these religions extend from the same, so-called loving God. The same God that had his own son killed to supposedly forgive all for them being human.  Now only one of those religions believe in that son anyway, even though he is from the same God. A God full of love and kindness, along with forgiveness, unless you disobey him, then he annihilates the entire planet. Yeah, in fact he has done it once before according to the Bible, ad is going to do it again, according to the same book. Where does all this non-sense come from? Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

    Today the average person seems to only be here to create waste, and do others work so that a few can have more than the most. Yes, you are only here to work and consume, then you die. Of course, you can breed to make others just like you, so they can also create waste and be enslaved for someone else’s wealth. The question is where did this pattern of hierarchy come from? Is this something learned from trial and error or is it something that was left as an example, just as our parents portray actions of their own to be as examples for their children.

   The Bible is what many use in the western world to reference to history that far back. The average person at least will use the Bible, educated individuals know that there were other cultures and societies that were also writing their interpretation of what was happening, and with detail. The ancient Egyptians of course, but even before them, was the Sumerians. A lot of mystery behind the society with the oldest known writings and alphabet that scientist have found to date. Their story of creation is somewhat different than the Bible, and yet with many similarities. The big difference is that instead of one God, it was a group of beings not from this planet, and they came here hundred of thousands of years ago to terraform the planet to extract resources. The planet was covered in water, and the Aliens used their advanced technology to move away water to expose land. When the time came to do manual labor, the aliens did not want to do their own work, so created a race of biological beings, part natural from this planet and part of these aliens. At first the beings created could not reproduce, but this meant the aliens had to continuously create workers, so they manipulated the current workers DNA and then cloned a female version so then the workers could reproduce, again alleviating the lazy aliens of another task. One of the Gods, or group of aliens, thought that the worker race deserved to be able to be enlightened and flourish just as they themselves have. Some of these aliens did not want the workers to be of a higher consciousness, they wanted them to maintain a more animal like life. These aliens are also responsible for many of the so-called natural disasters that have helped wipe out humankind, along with animals and plants several different times through out history.

    The Anunnaki. This is the name the Sumerians used for the Gods. They supposedly hailed from a planet that is a part of our solar system. Our solar system has another sun, a dark sun, and this planet’s orbit is at such a degree that a so many thousands of years it dips into our planets orbit around our sun. This has become a prominent theory, the dual sun solar system, and the crazy thing is the Sumerians were writing about it 5000 years ago. Not only that these writings are set on clay tablets and etched into stone, something also that cannot be tampered with. Unlike the Bible which has been translated several times and rewritten along with being manipulated to be as a psychological control method, more than it is a message of love and hope. Are these beings the God of the Bible? Are they the ones who created mankind as we know it? The Anunnaki would in later periods, pick certain humans to be rulers over the rest. Appointing kings and such over the other humans, as to take their place while away. If any of this is to be taken as truth, then one must know, that according to the Sumerian codex and other cuneiform, the planet these beings are from is supposed to be making its round. Here is an article maybe you should check this out…

  This is an article and picture from on a planet lurking just behind Neptune.

   With the hierarchy thumbprint along with how easy it is for most humans to be so conformed to the fact of being a slave for no good reason other than to make others lives more abundant and healthier and happier, all in the while killing ourselves and the planet with the whole idea of this horribly wicked and sick society that has been created. So the question remains, Are we being controlled by unseen entities?

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