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Has the real Jesus been found?

Ralph Ellis has wrote several books on and around Jesus Christ from the Bible. Who he is, why you cannot find any of these characters within history itself, other than the Bible. What he has presented is so reasonable and accurate on who this character, Jesus and those involved in the story of the Bible, really are. This includes Jesus actual ancestors, who are according to Ellis, Egyptian, and That Paul/Saul was actually Josephus Flavian, and that their written works were published by the same person. The reason for these characters to be missing from history is because that we associate them with the wrong era. Merely 40 years difference. So as Ellis explains, Jesus, was actually Ezus Mana el, or Jesus Immanuel, and was king of a kingdom and lead the Jewish revolt in the 70’s AD, then was crucified, with two others, who died from the crucifixion’s when Jesus did not, and survived, only to be imprisoned in the furthest parts of the Roman empire, which was the British Island, where a first century structure was found that appears to be a fortress with a separate bath house and workers quarters, but Roman.

I find this compelling, and for what its worth, I believe this is more accurate on who the real Jesus was, than what the Romans have presented to the world as the word of God. It would make total sense for the Romans to create a story of the man who almost defeated the Empire in Judea into a fairytale. and then in return satisfy some of their enemies. It really does make sense.

Look up Ralph Ellis, I’ve provided a link.


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