Schumer and Dems are getting closer to #federal #cannabis #legalization

“America will soon be flanked by federally legal weed to the north (Canada) and the south (Mexico). And with thirty-six (36) states that currently allow medical or both medical and adult-use (recreational), many feel the tipping point has already passed”

This should not of even been an issue, but it seems that a all white government used racism to help a faction of lumber giants to try and cancel marijuana, from history even, after “tricky dicky” President Richard Nixon started his “war on drugs”, using weed as his gateway to other drugs, all the while hiding scientific findings of studies he commissioned that marijuana helped with seizures. All that because marijuana was a threat to the lumber industry. No this should of never been! I remember it being so very difficult to find science behind marijuana when I was young, thanks to #HighTimes and our first amendment rights, let’s pass this so we can have that oh so healing herb that YAH has created.

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Ordained Minister for Keneh Bosom Ministries, soul proprietor of, creator of KPOT Internet radio station. video and audio production. Creative writing. Vlogger.

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