CBD!! seems all the craze but are we overlooking THC?

Ever since Marijuana became legal for medical purposes in California in 1997, we as a nation started looking at cannabis in a different light, and though it seems forever from that point till present we have come a long way from being brainwashed by our government about the effects of the properties of the Hemp or Marijuana plant. As of present and the world wide web, along with the multiple states that have passed bills to change the laws on Cannabis, medical and recreational both, we know find the craze for the non-psycho active but still beneficial cannabidiol CBG. With all this craze, stemming from the population wanting the wonderful benefits of the plant with out the affects of being high. In all the hoopla are we missing the value of THC, even though it might get you high, what are the benefits and is CBD more affective with the in take of THC also? Check this article out by Adeena Tariq in Cannabis Health insider.


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