Spacetime crystals proposed by placing space and time on an equal footing

by Pennsylvania State University

Spacetime crystals proposed by placing space and time on an equal footing

“Relativity tells us space and time can mix to form a single entity called spacetime, which is four-dimensional: three space-axes and one time-axis,” said Venkatraman Gopalan, professor of materials science and engineering and physics at Penn State. “However, something about the time-axis sticks out like sore thumb.” For calculations to work within relativity, scientists must insert a negative sign on time values that they do not have to place on space values. Physicists have learned to work with the negative values, but it means that spacetime cannot be dealt with using traditional Euclidean geometry and instead must be viewed with the more complex hyperbolic geometry.

This is know 3 scientific findings that this publication has posted that show that we are on the verge of time travel and deep space exploration within 25-50 years, and as soon as we put aside the worlds monetary system we will reach it much faster, to do as our creators did, to create. What better way to continue humanity? You must realize this planet we live on is temporary, and we are now technologically evolved that we should be reaching out into the Universe to sow our preverbal seed. Keep an I open, breaking the speed of light and now space and time can be set into a mathematical formula?

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