“DEA Will Begin Granting Marijuana Cultivation Licenses” #HighTimes

According to High Times magazine who recorded the announcement from the DEA we will finally see some science behind Cannabis with the ability to legally grow with permission from the Federal Agency. The thing that strikes me on this whole ordeal is that you wonder how much studying the DEA did on Opioid based drugs before they allowed the Medical professions hand it out like candy. Seriously! Cannabis has over 5000 years of written recordings, still no recorded deaths, they act like if they legalized it the whole world would go to pot… I still don’t have a full grasp on why this Federal gov. took such a stance on this plant, I don’t know if I ever will, but it is one the safest but effective plant based medicines humanity has discovered. The first drafts of our own Constitution were written on Hemp paper, first Levi’s, made from canvass which derives from the word cannabis, first American Flag was Made from Hemp. The Ford motor company in the early 1900’s actually made an entire automobile out of Hemp, and is was like steel. This country was literally brought up on the back off Hemp and then treated it as if it was poison and it never was. The history of Cannabis/Hemp is there and yeah they tried hiding that also. America, and the World deserve and need Cannabis/Hemp in so many way.


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