“Physicists Have Broken The Speed of Light With Pulses Inside Hot Plasma”; Oh my this is AWESOME!!

Follow link for full story By Mike McRae


“Physicists have been playing hard and fast with the speed limit of light pulses for a while, speeding them up and even slowing them to a virtual stand-still using various materials like cold atomic gasesrefractive crystals, and optical fibers“.

“This time, researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and the University of Rochester in New York have managed it inside hot swarms of charged particles, fine-tuning the speed of light waves within plasma to anywhere from around one-tenth of light’s usual vacuum speed to more than 30 percent faster.”

No this is not a new episode of some sci-fi fantasy movie or television show. This is absolutely amazing to myself. One hundred years ago modern man knew hardly nothing about being able to not only replicate the speed of light but now go faster! HERE WE COME SPACE! Could this ultimately lead to the ability to travel through space at a greater speed? or maybe something even greater? Who knows, but the possibilities are astronomical. Stay tuned!!!!


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