Is Christianity true worship?

I currently attend a Christian College and I knew before I began that I was going to have trouble with some of the courses, well because I am not a Christian and I know the Bible. The Christian religion has been around since the time just after Christ when it was first used in the Bible as a term used to describe a group of followers of Paul and Luke who believed that Yeshuah or Jesus was the Jewish Messiah or Ha Mashiach, translated as The anointed one (Holy bible, 2011). Lets start there. The book of Acts, is traditionally thought to have been written by Luke who was a companion of Paul. Matthew was actually Levi an apostle of Christs, one who followed Jesus around, who new him in first person. Mark was an associate of Peter who was one that followed Jesus around in first person, so Mark was one person away from actually hearing Jesus’s words, but Luke nor Paul actually meet Jesus or heard any of his commands and secrets. There is a difference in what Jesus states and then what Paul actually preaches. In all of the recorded saying’s Jesus never asked for his life to be recorded or commanded for anyone to write it down. I Googled “how to be saved” and of course I received probably a million suggestions. The first page of suggestions were Christian websites with Biblical scriptures from Paul’s writings, not from Jesus Christ and what he had to say, but from Paul, a man who never even meet Jesus. Paul started Christianity, not Jesus. Paul states you have to believe in Jesus Christ and his resurrection to be saved, Jesus never stated that. Just in that scripture alone one intelligent enough and secure enough in his own person and truly believes in the Father and truly reads the scriptures and wonders why some of God’s words have been held in secret with excuses that those scriptures are apostolic or Gnostic and not factual in regards to these other Gospels that have been chosen by there big Trump (Holy spirit) card to condemn those smart enough and trusting enough in God to reveal their false worship. Christians follow a follower of Jesus Christ, one who even contradicts Jesus own commands, just to be the Gospel spreader of the Month, I guess. The archeological discovery of the new Dead Sea scrolls is just another indication of modern Christianity and its Bible. The scrolls, like the others found in the 1940’s was so far a spitting image of the Old Testament, or Tanakh or Jewish Torah and some other books . The New Testament though so far is not what they present to us today. It is of these other scriptures that are referred to as bad or not accurate. I personally find that very curious, how much of Christ and his other Apostles have been kept for us? Even Paul said himself that all scripture are inspired, the word all being the key to the meaning of my point (Holy Bible, 2011). When referring to those who wrote the Old testament, as in meaning the Jewish people, their Rabbinic scholars state many differences in those of the Bible in comparison to the Tanakh, especially in the book of Isaiah specifically in the scripture used to point as a prophecy for the coming Messiah, when actually it is meant to be taken and understood in Hebrew as present time, and not a time to come. When asked by a man who came across him while walking and preaching, what it took to be saved, Jesus replied that he must follow the commandments and didn’t even mention all ten of them, then Jesus told him, do these things and you will have eternal life, Jesus went on to say that he could be perfect if he sold all his belongings and gave his money to the poor. Jesus then said “then come, follow me” (Holy Bible, 2001). Do you see the difference? Jesus speaks on his Father and how everything is for HIM, which goes along with Old Testament commands by God, his first command is to worship no other God’s but him, Paul tells us to worship Jesus, Jesus tells us to worship his Father, Big Difference. Jesus’s message or point of preaching was to tell people of his Fathers coming Kingdom. The choice is always up to the reader in whether they see the argument and agree or disagree. Beware of false worship it is even fooled some of the elect.

(Holy Bible, NIV, 2011, intervarsity press, Matthew 19:16-30)

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