#CBG the cannabinoid you might never heard of… #cannabis #CBD #medical

Is it of any wonder that this plant was one of the ingredients in the Holy Anointing oil that the Hebrew God of the Old Testament gave direction to Moses to have his people create and use. (Holy Bible, NIV, 2011). As medical science brings forth continued promising findings in regard to Cannabis and its healing and guarding away of illness’s. The plant screams the glory of God in every manner. The first communication God had with Moses was through a Burning bush (Holy Bible NIV, 2011), why is it impossible that God can be communicating his love for humanity through a plant again? To help free human’s from the diseases that have kept us captive.

Holy Bible, NIV, 2011, Intervarsity press, Exodus 30: 22-29

Holy Bible, NIV, 2011, Intervarsity press, Exodus 3: 2

In this article you are going to find another Cannabinoid that has multiple positive functions. CBG, Cannabigerol. The article is provided by The grow op publications and written by Sam riches.


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