Dan Gabel Olympic Gold medalist and Successful College wrestling coach on Joe Rogan Experience #YouTube #JoeRogan #Wrestling #Iowa #DanGabel

growing up in Iowa and being apart of scholastic wrestling as a young man, Dan Gabel was a Icon, a Hero an All American super Hero to just about all of us who fit both points. If you don’t know who Dan Gabel is, I will leave a link so you can explore yourself. Being a foster child and being in and out of 3 different families between 8 to 11 I needed to find things to try and fit in from one school to the next. My final move brought me to a small town in Iowa where I got involved in wrestling programs through school. Most of my peers had already had an extensive practice in wrestling being apart of junior programs, some had been wrestling 5 years already. I was way behind everyone else. My first season was hard, I had only won 1 out of 9 matches, but I finished the season. I remember needing wrestling shoes for my season, and my adopted father bought me basketball shoes instead, it was embarrassing but I endured each match. I never became a good wrestler, wrestling off and on through out the years, just average, but the programs gave me self confidence I don’t think I would ever of had. My experience in this sport through my school years did help and was a good overall experience.


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