Christianity and the practice of Sacrament; is it commanded by Christ? #Christianity #Jesus #Judaism #Bible #Easter #Passover #Torah

During this time of year we find a majority of our neighbors celebrating their specific religious holiday. Whether it be Jewish or Christianity. For the Jewish community it is the Passover, for the Christians it is Easter or the remembering of the Messiahs crucifixion and resurrection. Though Christians have tried to separate themselves from Judaism, even blaming the Jews for the crucifying of the Messiah to make them look as the bad guy. The view of the Last Supper where Yeshuah shared the bread and symbolically identified the bread as his body and then the wine as his blood (Holy Bible, 1984). The sharing of bread and wine at this time for the Jewish community was normal, and also symbolic for the act of Melchizedek the high priest of YHWH when he came out to greet Abraham and his Generals after their victory to bless them (Holy Bible, 1984), to show Gods approval. Also it was normal practice for the Passover meal since this was the celebratory remembrance of the Exodus pass over, the feast of unleavened bread (Holy Bible, 1984). The approved Christian Holy day is really nothing more than Typography of Jewish practices, with a different label. If just eating bread and drinking of wine while thinking of God or Jesus is all is need for salvation then we should all be approved.

Holy Bible, NIV, 1984, International Biblical society, Matthew 26:17–29; Mark 14:12–25; Luke 22:7–38;  Genesis 18: 13-20, Exodus 12:23

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