Beware of the dream killers

I was just going through some old messages here on my website, and I noticed one from a person I know. The message was from 2016, the same year I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, though I had been suffering from the effects of the disease, along with Gouty Arthritis. I was blowing up, or having bouts of inflammation in all my weight baring joints to the point of not being able to walk or stand with out assistances and the pain was un-bearable at times. I loss my ability to work at any job where I needed to do physical labor, in fact the doctors could not control the inflammation either. I was down and almost out. I was involved with a woman who also did not have the capabilities to earn enough money to be a sustainable family. We all suffered. The comment was negative and all about me not working, and this person berated me. The government I have been paying to had denied me for disability, the crazy thing is this; this same person is known for their extensive drug use, and sales, but mentioned in the comment that I have been smoking to much weed because I became a ordained Minister on line and how it does not make me a Minister. The reason I became ordained minster was because of the internship I did with Geek street society doing a wrestling show were I had a stage name, and The Minister was my name, so I took advantage and found Open Ministry and became ordained. My history of Christian involvement is extensive and more than the median person who belongs to a church. I have preached from the pulpit and door to door and have taken 2 classes a week for over a year on Ministering the Bible. I was an ordained Minister at that time, from 2003-2005, before that as a child I was a part of several different Christian organizations like, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, and Catholic. I have been baptized 3 times as a child and adult. This individual who trolled me is also disabled, and receives money for his disability, but does not believe I should be. As of this moment I have also completed over 20 credit hours of transferable credit from a University for Biblical studies. I also have been able to finally control my disease and been able to start back to work in a sit down job. I am still working on being able to do physical activity without having negative reaction physically. I will not apologize or make excuses for being ill, I have continued building my Brand on my website. Though I was in a low point in my life, and things seemed hopeless I still try to move forward. Within the last year I have made personal goals that I have obtained. I would like to state this, ” Don’t ever let someone else’s negative projection stop you from you dreams”!

William M. Stickell, Ordained Minister

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Ordained Minister for Keneh Bosom Ministries, soul proprietor of, creator of KPOT Internet radio station. video and audio production. Creative writing. Vlogger.

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