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Before I watched this video I had already understood what the pretense was all about. For myself, someone who lives in America, supposedly the greatest country on earth, because of its so called “Freedom”, when it has only has about .045 of the total population of the world, its prison population is nearly 25% of the worlds prison population. I myself am guilty of complaining, or murmuring about how bad my life was, I would blame others for things that were my fault. Yet in this country where it seems we have the best the world has to offer in the sense of monetary value and amount of revenue, the people still find reasons to cry about how horrible they have it, forgetting about the what they do have and how fortunate they have even that much.

Be thankful for the many things you do not see the value of, because when its gone you have missed the true lesson it should of taught you in the first place.

The Endless Movement

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