The day Heaven sounded like Metal

Today, a day that can only be described as somber. On this day Edward Van Halen, the infamous founder, song writer, and musician left this life. I believe it was the winter of 1985, I was out getting stoned with a couple friends, something that didn’t happen as much as you would like being from a small corn town in the Midwest. It was dark and cold, so we retreated back to my friends house, so fire up a couple doobies, as most teenage boys did at that time, we turned on Mtv. At this time, Mtv was still in its somewhat beginnings, but rock videos where prominent. I said something to the effect of how I thought this certain guys guitar was cool, my friends laughed and kind of harassed me about it, then he put in a VCR tape of this young skinny, big smile guy, playing a guitar like ive never seen or heard before, fast, precise, and clean, absolutely beautiful. The sound was new to me and I fell in love with it. I want to thank Eddie for all the great music, you inspired a whole generation and make Rock-n-Roll yours. Check out this live version of one of Eddies famous guitar solos…Eruption

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Ordained Minister for Keneh Bosom Ministries, soul proprietor of, creator of KPOT Internet radio station. video and audio production. Creative writing. Vlogger.

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