Pharmacology,Neurology and what one medical professional is finding about THC and CBD for health

Since Americas state of California passed into law the medical use of Cannabis in the late 1990’s, slowly but surely, the stigmata propagated by false scientific findings, has been noticed by many to be just that, a false narrative, thanks to Publications such as the magazine High Times. At this time, there are now more than the majority of states in America that have medical marijuana program for their citizens. The domino effect has made it so science can now somewhat freely study and find what Marijuana can do in terms of health.

living in a state that has a liberal approach to a Medical Marijuana, and an amendment to their Constitution. I, myself dealing with 2 muscular skeletal diseases, along with a psychological injury (PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), I found that I was qualified for the use of Cannabis. I actually fell into several categories for qualification. I chose Cannabis over Opioids for pain management , for the simple reason that was evident to me, there was less collateral damage. The fact that I must take any substance for pain on an everyday bases, is hard, but because I chose Cannabis, I can at least know that Cannabis and its properties will not take my life, and yet still give relief. Now science is showing what people such as myself have found out, and making it public. for all to see.

In this article, form the publication , Cannabis- science and technology, a interview with a leading researcher on what she is finding out about how THC and other cannabinoids are helping. Please read

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