Psychology Today: Sri Lanka’s Tragedy and the Global Health Burden of Trauma

Psychology Today: Sri Lanka’s Tragedy and the Global Health Burden of Trauma.

When I seen this article I knew that I had to read it, and the reason that is, is because for the past few years I have indulged myself into Ace scores, it is an acronym, Adverse, Childhood, Events. A.C.E. score. A few years ago Peter Joseph came out with a documentary in alignment to the Zeitgeist documentary it was a view into what is happening worldwide and how the effects of violence such as Wars have had in totality on the health of the people that have been involved and their children and their children’s children. Adverse childhood events, unfortunately children are not the only ones that are affected by traumatic events what is going on in the past 130 years in our world when it comes to the invention of World War and then the mass production of implements that can cause Mass deaths, we can see the totality of the stress when it comes to our health, they are starting to show, as you can see in this article that post-traumatic stress or the events that cause post-traumatic stress disorder causes inflammation of the brain and other body parts now dr. Gabor mate and dr. Nadine Burke Harris along with Dr filetti from Kaiser Permanente have all found that the part of the brain that operates or inflammation is affected because of traumatic events and this can happen while in utero. My question to anyone that reads this is when do we stop this when do we stop allowing those in control to lie to us about what they are doing. It is this individual’s belief that these people who are in charge, you know such as our governments the kingdoms those that belong to such organizations as Bilderberg Group or all those secret meetings to control all the people on earth it is this individuals believe that they are doing this on purpose so they can continue to have more than the slaves are those who are not chosen see as long as he continues to work for them then they will continue to hide and disguise what they are doing as real world or real life when in all actuality it is not now we can see violence among the animals who have no actual conscious awareness of themselves so they really cannot be held accountable and cannot be called violence that there then is real life we are human beings and we are consciously self-aware and intelligent but yet we cannot get over this fact of violence against other humans and animals even violence against their own planet it’s as if some of these people are not even related to real human beings though that is a speculation there is a lot of evidence to point toward it. So again to the reader isn’t it as much your responsibility as it is mine to change this again isn’t it evident of the damaging health problems that is rampant worldwide what is causing it isn’t it the violence shall we continue to blame those whose hippocampus is intense enough that those people should be able to handle the trauma though I wish that was so and maybe that is a point of evolution. I guess the question here is what does it mean to evolve if we involve into a violent race to continue violence orphan evolve into a peaceful race to continue peace I only know one life and that’s that violent one the one that has caused all the health problems, I like many can only imagine a world of peace we always must remember that without the imagination life would for sure helpless so please let’s use our imagination to imagine the world without violence without hate to imagine a world with love and peace the building up of each other not the destruction because we can agree. So the only way that we can save each other is if we finally say no these will made this Society what it is today.

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