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Choosing your lights for an indoor garden

Living in the Rockies at an altitude of 7500 ft, you really don’t have a great deal of outdoor growing season to live sustainable. In all truth it can be a lot of work just trying to get to the point of living sustainable, along with a lot of money, if your still wanting some modern luxuries. Taking up indoor growing was a decision I have been interested in for many years, and so when I finally decided to go a head and give a try, I found there where things to look at, such as lighting. Growing usable vegetation takes several things, but light is the most important, and since we cannot use the Sun because of season, we must substitute with the next best thing, know ten years ago I’d tell you about HPS ( High pressure sodium) and MH ( metal halite) lighting, but not today, now it’s about LED ( light emitting diode), or CFL’s/FL’s ( Compact florescent lighting/ florescent lighting). The energy consumed by HPS and MH lighting is a good deal more than the later two, along with heat generated, it can cause a small closet grower to spend more than they need to.

I went with a FL, for vegetation period, and it worked well, with very little heat and energy being used. As I transitioned into flower, I switched lighting to LED. A 400 watt full spectrum lighting system, by ViparSpectra. The lighting worked great, I am very impressed with how well my plants looked, along with the fullness of the buds, it did more than its job. I totally recommend this company and its product. If you are interested, you can order one right here, and have it delivered right to your home. The light gives of a little bit of heat, but easily controlled by a small fan, and the energy bills were not that much more. Definitely great closet growing light.



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