Nadine Burke Harris at TEDMED 2014 How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Let me tell you a story. Childhood trauma is at pandemic proportion world wide. Here in America its covered by the false claim that childhood abuse is poverty, when almost the whole world is impoverished compared to the U.S…. but we are coming to find out that it is the American way that is causing the sickness, leaving children without direct parental supervision, because of the exact opposite of poverty, the dreams of wealth. It is the American greed and the poor respect for others that starts the ball rolling. America has been at war for over 100 years, with very little time in between for generations to forget about it and the traumatic events that have taken place. In the twentieth century there have been approximately three hundred million human beings where killed by the three world leading countries outside of war, so those numbers don’t even include those who had perished because of war. The stress of authority, and the forced economic slavery to ensure that those who are in charge and wealthy, stay that way. Now lets not be a person who believes in eugenics, and that it must because of breeding and poor genes, a hundred woman with the gene that predetermined for breast cancer, only seven will develop breast cancer, this statistic shows that genes do not always determine outcome. You have seen the videos that I have shared of Dr. Gabor Mate? He has come to the same conclusion, it is capitalism, communism, socialism, and the rest of the ism’s, like racism. They have created a horrible world for most, a world of sickness and disease, and it seems they will not change it, for then they will not have power or wealth to control any longer. These governments are the beast that walk around waiting to gobble everything up including our children. the stress has caused the severity of mental illness, which then acts like a out of control boulder speeding down a mountain ready to destroy anything in its path. We haven’t even brought up the issue of the brainwashing of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and how they continue the sickness just so they can continue their control and wealth, damn they even own the food that is produced by our earth, that is for all, they have threatened our natural water sources and taken control of that also, with some of the wealthy stating that not all humans have the right to rain water. It is of any doubt that we are sick? What shall we do with the broken children? with the broken world?

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Ordained Minister for Keneh Bosom Ministries, soul proprietor of, creator of KPOT Internet radio station. video and audio production. Creative writing. Vlogger.

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