A question of truth

There are times I have a hard time following the approved narrative, for example, the premise of the that what is called by some to be the word of G-d, is a mere attempt to control the slave with use of fear, using damnation and rejection as tools. the question is by whom? Actually another question comes to mind, why? To be honest I am personally tired of this cycle of dis functionalism, while a select few live above their personal allotment. this planet is not just theirs, but also ours, and we have every right to the natural resources available to us all. Who are they that they are able to lay claim to something that is clearly not theirs. With in my own reasoning, I can come to only one plausible conclusion, and that is that they are not originally from here. I think that the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians are the closest to the truth of the matter, and that the Torah, and bible are attempts of historical theft, plagiarism. Stories from Egypt, come from Sumner, the Israelis who when under Egyptian rule because of drought and famine, took the stories that had been inculcated on to the multiple generations,where taken when the Israelite’s left Egypt, in oral form, then made the stories their own and putting it in word, changing it every so often to fit the current narrative of political rule. Coming to this conclusion is not at all fun, but we can see almost the same event happening when Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 74 ce. Rome took the Torah and any writings pertaining to the messiah, which I might add where many, and not all about the person you think it is, in fact there were many messiahs, for it was not unlawful to think and publicly declare who you believed the messiah was, as long as it met the criteria, according to mosaic law. Not presenting the whole truth, is a act of lying in itself. presently, we, the inhabitants of this planet need the truth, and freedom from their oppressive fear mongering religions, who I might add have caused the most horrific events in modern history, a mirror image of Rome, who created Catholicism, and Christianity, another example of the internal changes made to fit the current political format, and change of controllers.

My freedom I hold very close to my every thought, for that is the only freedom I truly have. I do not find that freedom with in the current narrative. the word worship, literally means to work for. The biggest question I have, in the realm of “what if”, we were able to extinguish all these alien based slave creating narratives, and move on with out them, even though they pretty much created the current humans as are. Is it time? is it time for us, the main force that have truly kept this planet and its in habitats alive and in some instances thriving, can we continue with out them, and their slave like control?

I have included a great narrated video on some of the translated texted from ancient Sumeria. remember these are tablets of stone, written in a closer time to the actual happenings, and unchanged.

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