Watch “Black People Ruled Russia & All Europe During The Dark Ages – IUIC” on YouTube

The evidence provided by these two gentleman is quite revealing. Though I personally on a general basis don’t trust the history provided by the current white rulers, it is just to convenient for them, and their greed. The big question I have though is when he mentioned Greece and historical writings if you look on a map Greece is not that far away in location geologically. these people should not be much different in color than the northern Africans, Egyptians Middle Easterns…. so why would they want to paint them white not that it didn’t happen but just out of curiosity was there that much color difference between the Greeks and the Africans or middle eastern Israeli people, whatever you want to call that area, how could there be, he even points out that a picture of Alexander the Great, it was dark skin but yet Greece is supposably after stealing the Israelite written history started painting characters White it doesn’t make sense because I don’t think they were white, so that’s what I’m trying to get at.

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