Who and what to believe anymore

As I do my own thing in life which usually is a lot of research mostly because I have a hard time coming to a conclusion on some things and the reason that is I believe is because of all the lies that are in this world. I want to discuss all the lies that have been told To Us by the United States government. The first one is an example and that is the Vietnam War. My first question is why do we still believe that the Vietnam War was something to have or show pride in? I am not trying to say that I do not have any feelings or regret for any of those individuals who were drafted by our country, our government so they can go over there to be killed or to kill for what reason, why, were they attacking the United States government? why did we as a country need to go over there to kill millions of people to have 60,000 plus of our people killed? Well come to find out because of the Freedom of Information Act, we found out that the situation that they provided for us to tell the American people that we must go to war against these people was all a lie. So in other words the Tonkin incident in the Bay of Tonkin was a false flag event it was a lie in order to persuade the American people to go and kill other people. Okay so that’s established they lied to us let’s also look at another huge lie that they’ve been brandishing for years to the American people and the world let’s look at cannabis. So cannabis has over 5,000 years to 10000 years of recorded history nobody has died from it nobody has become seriously ill this is crazy because as a child in the 80s I was told that it was so dangerous, I was arrested for residue in a bong one time as an adult they’ve totally discredited this plant that has such a huge and Rich history in our world in fact our ancient world was brought up on the back of cannabis this country was brought up on the back of cannabis our first American flag made out of hemp first pair of Levi’s made out of hemp, first copies of the Declaration of Independence was made out of hemp so we’re the first drafts of the Bill of Rights. hemp was the product it still is. In the 1970s during tricky Dick’s presidency come to find out when he had a test done on cannabis they found out that it does kill cancer cells. 50 years they’ve been lying to us about cannabis as we watched our loved ones die of this horrible disease called cancer but yet they hid it for their own agenda. In fact the lie that they perpetrated about cannabis was so deep and so involved that our higher learning education colleges for health care did not even teach about the endocannabinoid system that the human body possesses, in fact your cannabinoid receptors in your brain are the second most abundant receptor in the brain, only 14% of our higher learning education universities on Healthcare teach about the endocannabinoid system. But now I want to talk about something even more serious I want to talk about the evidence of the Holocaust and the supposedly six million Jews that were murdered by Nazi Germany. The American government for years have been committing genocide on the Native Americans This is an absolute truth there is no lying about this some of them are still alive today very few actually they’re used to be hundreds of millions in this country now there’s barely Millions they have no problem killing off these people but yet when it came time for the Jews in Europe and with Nazi Germany and being taken locked up and put in internment camps America was right there to save them supposedly. The Red Cross is kind of an amazing organization they’ve been doing a lot of things it seems most of them were good helping out people that are torn by War disasters in 1933 the Red Cross had taking a census of all religious people in the world in accordance to the government of that country. taking the count in Western Europe there were nine million Jews this is not a lie. in World War II According to some historians, not all, over 6 million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany but the wonderful Red Cross being a great organization as it is taken care of people they also did another census in 1948 after World War after supposedly 6 million Jews were killed in concentration camps guess what the population of Jews were over 9 million still. We cannot go back in time and see if this is true or a lie some of it of course is true there were people that survived these camps and they told their stories there was a lady who told a different story and they put her in prison. So what led up to Why Hitler wanted to do this to the Jews? Well first you have to go back into the earlier 1900 just the turn of the century actually, at this time there were Jews in Russia that were taking over, this is a Communist party I think or whatever, and they were known as jewish Bolsheviks. now not all of them were Jews but pretty much almost every one of the top leaders were now what happened is they tried to take over the government they killed the czar and they killed 60 million people which the majority of were Christians, they the Jews had taken over most of Europe and this was scary to the actual people from Europe because these were people that migrated from close to the Middle East up in the Western Europe throughout about 1000 years these are not jews they are not directly or genetically related to the Israelites or even the Jews in the time of Jesus these are people that converted into Judaism and 740 ad because they were threatened by the country they lived in with genocide so they converted to Judaism and became jews they then were kicked out of the country and migrated up and infiltrated Europe and now in early 1900s they killed 60+ million people in Russia you don’t ever hear about this do you you? You have to research this and find this out. there that is throwing this in your face like they are about the Jews and the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust not one of them. This to me is very scary because it looks as if these people have been aiming to take over our world I personally am not for this and I do not follow Liars especially if they’re proven Liars. Have some of the census taken from that time so you guys can take a look at them the reader can take a look at them and you come up with your own conclusion, of course you’re going to ask yourself why would the government lie to me after I just proved two of the biggest lies in the history of mankind but yet you’ll still ask yourself why would my Government lie to me, well they lie to everybody. So if you even want to take a look a bit back in time and let’s start let’s start with the Bible, why the Bible because isn’t that where we learned about the Jews and a great deal of us take this as the truth even though the Bible wasn’t written in time, no actually it seems that the Bible is about 300 years behind and there’s all kinds of evidence to prove this within the Bible itself and there’s many people out there that actually do it. Now though with in recent years Oxford University has taking the Sumerian cuneiform that has been found by archaeologists, and if anybody knows anything about history they know that some Maria is older than Egypt yes older than Babylon older than Israel and they’re cutiful was written in time on Stone and buried not in any way able to be changed throughout the time that it’s been buried. So that uniform saying that the god of the Bible yhwh was actually a god amongst many gods in accordance to the Sumerians he then became very angry and started the war with the other gods and separated he was a war god, does this explain a lot, . starting to come together are you starting to see the picture think about it we believe in this God almost 70% plus of Europe and America and other places a third of the world’s population if not more believe that this is their God their creator and you might as well be because their actions of war and murder against all of humanity, it is clear this nation that we live under is a warmongering nation is no different than Nineveh from the Bible where they had kicked around their enemies heads down their roadways. Your sins are your sins and you believe what you want to believe but I want to believe and I want presented to me the truth because this is not the truth your way of life is not the truth your God is not the truth. I ask humbly for every single one that reads this to please do the research to not believe any religious organization Christian or Jew or any government organization because they are proven liars and they will not present you the truth do your own research look for the truth find it and tell the whole world which you believe the truth is.



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