Watch “CNN anchor, GOP congressman debate FBI texts” on YouTube

this is a very good conversation if you get to watch it please pay attention to a lot of what is said, I really believe that both sides made some very good points but the CNN reporter does bring up some great questions my biggest thing is CNN denying a secret society or maybe not denying it may be pressing the issue of investigating this a little bit further because it seems to me that a lot of us already know that there are secret societies maybe we just didn’t realize they were under specific, certain groups and not one huge umbrella organization. But at the end the congressman made that analogy of the Immaculate Conception to what is going on with these texts I had to Snicker because he didn’t even know what he was talking about, though well-read and able to articulate things properly he got too emotional and put some weird Bible analogy thing in there. So please give this a watch it’s actually pretty good if you haven’t seen it already

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