A French law against fake news.France will introduce a law fighting online misinformation by the end of 2018. The law would “would grant judges emergency powers to remove or block certain content deemed to be ‘fake’ during sensitive election periods,” reports James McAuley for The Washington Post. “It would also require greater transparency for sponsored content and permit France’s media watchdog, the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, to combat ‘any attempt at destabilization’ by foreign-financed media organizations.” Politico EU has arguments for and against the French law.

This is a second European country that is determined to tell you what the truth is. Is it possible that the allied forces in WWII was somehow infiltrated with Nazi ideal? Yes, there is a duality of information brought on by what seems like the internet, but the question lays in what is the absolute truth, are the powers ultimately lying, and what they deem as a lie, turns out to be the truth, do you see the huge dilemma? One of our basic and most important freedoms is that of free speech, and it is being systematically withdrawn from us. We must fight for our free speech!!!

Maybe the science and psychology of “post-truth” can’t explain this moment at all


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