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Facebook monitoring non violent protest comments….can you say tyranny?!

As of today January 6th 2018 Facebook has locked me out of my account which includes messenger I do have to let you know that I do not actually have the Facebook app downloaded I go through a browser but what Facebook has stated is that I have posted some type of spam maybe I did maybe I didn’t it sounds like I might have pissed somebody off who didn’t like one of my posts my guess is it’s going to be a Facebook site called marijuana accountability Coalition and about 250 members /followers now I made a comment on one of their posts and it was a post actually making fun of Governor Hickenlooper as though they were trying to hold him responsible for the legalization of recreational marijuana here in the state of Colorado I commented on it and I pretty much stated that I do not take my cues from people such as, that I take it from scientist and then I asked them if their page was related to a political party I don’t think they liked that but I really don’t care because it’s about the truth not what you believe, it’s about what is the absolute truth, I will not stop posting truthful articles where there are scientific references, you cannot deny that and you will not deny that, so your social media page might not allow me log in anymore, I don’t care because there are other social media mediumd, made more efficient sufficient and truthful than what yours is that’s why you continue to allow a lot of these fake post that are circulated around several times on Facebook. I will not stop or admit any spam thank you.


Ordained Minister for Keneh Bosom Ministries, soul proprietor of, creator of KPOT Internet radio station. video and audio production. Creative writing. Vlogger.

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