Erica Garner daughter of Eric Garner has died at 27

Erica Garner, Eric Garner’s daughter

Erica Garner, Eric Garner’s daughter

 seems to me as only symbolism, but yet way more, it’s a symbol of all those people who desire Justice but then are struck down by the factions that run this world I am talking factions that are intertwined in all aspects of government worldwide it is obvious we see these individuals either right up front running the show or behind the scenes making sure the curtains are pulled at that, the exact time it needs to be. Please understand hatred against each other only perpetuates what their desires are we need to learn who these people are, if they are even people, sometimes I don’t think they are because how can another human being treat other human beings in such a manner? I believe real human beings are Beyond and above that type of action. We as a intelligent race need to come to an understanding of, if it’s possible for us to intervene and take over the control of humanity. Can we together surpass the Mind scramble that they have put on us (about race about religion) can we surpass these, so we can come together to defeat this evil? We must! I am not mentioning politics or anyone involved in politics I post news of politics everyday and that is a part of the brainwashing that is where they get us to choose even another side eliminate yourself from being controlled in such a way that we must hate each other. Let’s come together, let us the meek the innocent those who seek the glory of the creator and what this world should really be like. Because I guarantee this world should not be like what we are currently with the millions of innocent children being murdered every day because of war-torn countries this is not what it should be like it should not be a person scared to even be on the streets because of police officer might kill them it should not be like that. So as you can see with the mention of these atrocities it is a must that we come together.

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