Sessions mocks intern who questioned marijuana policy in DOJ video….. At the end of the video Mr. Sessions references AMA American Medical Association, states that their evidence is #Marijuana is dangerous, or not healthy, and asks the intern do you believe that? I would of answered… ” Sir I’m looking for the evidence that cannabis is that dangerous, in comparison to actual causes of death by other means, no matter what the cause is. ” I totally believe this is why the current office wants control of the internet by getting rid of net neutrality so the poor cannot be previledged to free knowledge, such as all the stories of cannabis success stories. #Americans they are trying to silence those who are poor, the truly righteous, they want to continue their economic enslavement control to continue their wealth and power, doing this through politics and legislation. Call #Congress and let them know to protect #medicalmarijuanapatients call your representative.

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